Oh hello my lovely butterscotch candies!

As you can tell, Profresh Style is all kinds of out of schedule. A big thing out of wack is, I DONT HAVE A VIDEO CAMERA any longer so RAM's are out of commisshhhh until we can get that up and going. Also, my best friend is in town so of course, my duty is to wreck havoc with her while she's here. And the biggest and most important challenge of them all, is finding a job. SAY WHAT? Yes girl yes, I'm on a job hunt maje.

Until then, bare with me while I get my bearings. You may start to see random photos like this, of which I love. I went to the Foley + Corinna party last week at The Parlor, which in itself, was a treat. I wore the best dress, of course, by F + C and drank the night away on fancy smancy drinks.

Thanks for holding on folks- we'll be back to our normal schedule soon!