Guess what. Guess. Seriously, guess. C'mon, just guess.

Okay fine. I'm PLNDR/Karmaloop's Guest Blogger this month. It's going to be pretty epic- not only are you going to get the usual videos but more beautiful shots by Lydia as well as some of my favorite picks from PLNDR.

Don't have the slightest idea what PLNDR is? Shame shame on you little ladies [& gents]. I'm sure you've heard of Karmaloop right? Okay good. PLNDR is like the Gilt Groupe of Karmaloop. All the saucy things you may of missed on Karmaloop, you can buy on PLNDR. But when I say sale, I REALLY MEAN, sale. #heygirlhey, deals deals deals. [Destiny's Child anyone?]

Every week, I'll be posting new content, every Wednesday. So keep your eyes peeled and as usual, I'll be giving you guys the links to head to. Check out this week's post here!

I, of course, want you to have a part of these goodies so obvi, click this link to get an invite. Oh snap, ladies gettin' deals.

Love your cheap little fashionista baby faces.

necklace c/o of the rad Vanessa Mooney | photos by: Lydia Hudgens