Fashion is back on the blog thanks to me winning the lottery.

Okay, obviously I'm kidding but I've finally been able to get together with the fabulous Lydia Hudgens and shoot in my hood which was freezing like my frigid* vagina.

*frigid |ˈfrijid|

adjective • (esp. of a woman) unable or unwilling to be sexually aroused and responsive.

I've been wanting to shoot at the Pepsi Cola sign but since the remodel, the area is still under construction so we couldn't get too close. Just wait until summer, it's amazing. Speaking of summer, yes, I'm ready for it already. The cold, the snow, ruining my shoes, falling down stairs and getting awesome bruises calculates to a full-monty of summer withdrawals. Who wants to go to Barbados with me?

Zara 'Monster' coat | vintage silk dress | Forever 21 tie-dye skirt (layered under) | Boutique 9 boots


Psst. I'm on Pinterest if you weren't aware. It's an addiction I can't stop.