Now, I'm not one for hauls so you're probably wondering why the hell I did one?

Hell if I know. All I can say is I owed Eliot a few haul videos based on bets and well, this is kind of an ode to her. Hey girl hey.

YouTube picks the best screenshots

I also talk way too much so I wasn't able to put a ton of other things in the video like more of my recent purchases or other gifts but these were the best/the funniest. But WAIT, there's more! I'll be posting a video of the jazziness behind me. I posted on Instagram about my new decor but I decided to make that a different vid segment so watch out for it! Oh, and there might be a bloops segment... just sayin'.

Thanks to all the awesome people who made this haul possible:

Duane Reade | Eloquii | my mom | my sisters | my best friend | my dad | Shoe Woo | The cart lady | Splenda

Tell me what you fancy kids got for Christmas. Wanna trade? HA. Just kidding. Kinda.