It's the freaking holidays so I decided, along with "every" blog on the interweb to create my practical/non-practical Christmas wish list.

home gift list
home gift list

Make My Home Fancy

Skull Bowl

: For my jewelry, of course

Lacquer Frames: To store awesomeness, for my awesome walls

Butterfly Trays: For random knick knacks like keys, chocolates, pennies, condoms (totally just kidding)

Mirrored Desk: I've been dying for this desk for a while now- it's an expensive yet worthy gift I must say

Faux shagreen and horn tray: I want this to eat breakfast in bed- yes, I'm that fancy

Write On My Mug, 16 oz: I need a big, deep mug That's what she said so I can lounge on my couch on the weekends with a vulgar written cup of joe

Ghost Chair: Yes, I want one. And I'll lay a fur over it. Superb

800 Thread Count Sheets: I'm a sucker for a soft, comfortable, plush bed. And these sheets are nothing short of amazing. In grey, please

West Elm/Ikea Gift Card: For obvious reasons

personal gift list
personal gift list

Make My Life Fancy

Bone Bracelet

: You know I have a dark side when it comes to jewelry, so bring on the bones, skulls and death

Vivienne Westwood Rainboots: They are sassy and adorable for the rain and gross snow. Thanks New York

ASOS Quilted Trench: Just loving. Enough said

Hive & Honey Wedge Boots: I'm back on the pointed toe side of the fight. There is something so chic about it

Amelia Earheart Collar: You all know my obsession with peter pan collars. Well, this one takes the freaking cake

Cosmos iPhone 4s Case: No I don't have an iPhone 4s yet but this case is beyond. So along with the case...

iPhone 4s: Yes

Canvas Laptop Case: The color is brilliant and I would definitely repurpose this as a clutch

Red Moleskine Planner: Oh my obsession with Moleskines never end. What gets me is the secret pockets and stickers. YAY for surprises

DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo and Hair Masque: My new obsession thanks to my roommate. Both products are miracle workers for my hair and make it so soft and non-oily. I'm more than in love

What are you guys craving to

see under your tree

? God, I can make anything sound dirty.