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So Milly and I talked about it and we decided to love you- you deserve some smothering love from Profresh Style. Don't you agree?

Well, holler back young'n cuz one of you is getting an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Non-Celebrating holiday gift!

You're probably wondering how do I win? What am I winning? Well, sit your sassy self down because I'm about to tell you! Because of your awesome votes on the Milly Facebook Page, I won the styling contest which in turn gives you a gift. The gift is a Milly Sophia Suede Satchel! It's got inside pockets and it's lined. Love this saucy colored number- I have one of my own! The other special gift you get is this Milly chunky CHUNKY CHUNKY bracelet. I'm currently obsessed with this piece- it literally makes everything I'm wearing look more expensive. It's not available online which makes it even more special. These pieces retail a total of over $650! Crazy business, I tell you!

How to win: 

  1. "Like" Profresh Style on Facebook (Doesn't hurt to "Like" Milly's as well!)
  2. Follow on Bloglovin' & Twitter 
  3. Most important- Leave me a comment below with either of the following:
  • Describe in THREE WORDS your last relationship
  • Tell me the craziest thing you ever said to a boyfriend/girlfriend and why
  • Describe in THREE WORDS your boss (haha)

I get bored of the other ways to win contests and all that shit. So I spiced it up- hope you guys like this way to win!

Contest ends Friday, December 16th, 2011.

So enter now, win some awesomeness! Hey, extra points if you share this with friends/family/co-workers/frenemies. :)

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Can't wait to read all your fun entries! All the laughs I'm sure that will ensue will brighten up my December!