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Okay besides the fact that I'm wearing Litas (strictly because I have no other TALL black boots) can we focus our attention on that awesome shade of turquoise on my new thrifted blazer? Yessssss.

Since moving to New York, I had yet been able to go thrifting. It's been devastation city up in here but alas, I made a trip. I scored, hard. This is one of MANY treasures picked up at a thrift shop in Brooklyn + it was customer appreciation day so your girl ran away with way too many new things... for $35. Yes, I am the thrift master.

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thrifted blazer | Aritzia tank | F21 tie dye skirt | Jeffrey Campbell Litas | vintage bracelets

Something that's been on my mind recently, needs to be discussed.

For all my readers who have been here since the beginning, you've watched me grow, saw this blog evolve and expand and watched my style turn into something that was ever-evolving. I've had moments where all I wanted to do was write to you and moments where all I could do was post an image, or two. Then, there have been the moments like now, where I've come to such clarity. I realized something about my blog that has never been said because it could never be true until now. My blog was/is turning into something that I don't love entirely. It's become all business and no party (no LLL, no sassy videos, no bullshit posts, no funny Christina-isms). Why? The reality was, BRANDS finally wanted to work with me. I was finally being recognized for Profresh Style and the work that's gone into this blog. It felt good to almost have that validation of monetization and fulfillment of being liked outside of the blog world. Yet, I realized something. I was losing you all as my readers- comment counts down, views down and a stagnant following. My only determining factor was that every post was turning into a "C/O blank" or "This post was sponsored by" and that was never my intention or purpose of starting this blog. Although I'm extremely grateful to have the opportunities given to me, to work with awesome companies and learn more about managing this blog as my business- at the end of the day, my loyalty is to my readers, you guys. There is nothing more I love than hearing from you telling me about your stories, your thoughts and your feedback. Who gives a shit about what a company wants my blog to say? Although I've always been very honest with every post I've written, I miss making silly videos for you and writing about love, lust and life. I think that's what separated myself from other personal style bloggers. A friend made something very clear- I'm a LIFESTYLE blogger. Not in the sense that I post about home decor, cooking tips and trends BUT I show you my lifestyle- what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, who I'm doing  ;), and when I'm doing it. I give you an insight on the way I'm living and I think that's what draws you guys back in... I may be wrong, I have no idea. I do know that things are going to change around here. Less business and more for my readers. You guys are literally the ONLY reason I've stuck around for so long and dedicated a majority of my time to making this blog a must-read every day. Well, hopefully. If not, I hope to convince you soon.

In other news, there are great ventures headed my way. I can't wait to share with you- I was given the push and motivation I needed by a great lass by the name of Kendall and I'm telling you, it woke me up.

One last thing- Thank you so so so very much for holding on and watching me grow. I hope I make you guys proud. Whoever you are.