Extremely overwhelmed is an extreme understatement.

There is nothing more I want than to go on vacation. I feel one coming on, soon. Alright, back from fantasy land...this is one of my favorite tops I scooped up  at Topshop on sale and I think it will be great even during fall. The colors I love. I'm incorporating more color into my wardrobe. I thought my hair was enough color for my entire being- well that's definitely moved on. I'm like a gosh damn rainbow. A saucy, snippy, stylish rainbow albeit.

Topshop top | F21 layered skirts | drugstore tights | Jessica Simpson Dany platforms | thrifted belt | sunnies c/o Send The Trend | Betsey Johnson bow watch | Express leather moto jacket


A huge HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY to my beautiful and super cool sister Grace! Happy birthday baby sister, have a great day! Love you! What a cool kid right?