Why does the girl fall for the bad boy knowing the good boy is waiting, willing and giving her everything she could ever need or want?

I can't even count on every single finger and toe of women I know who fall for the bad boy, the one who's hard to get. It's the same cycle with men-people in general want what's hard to capture, hard to tie down. Why is it that we ignore the good ones, the ones that really give us their heart in the palm of their hands? We could call it the game we play as we never can really name what it is we want. I've ruined many a relationship because I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted. I wanted to play games-somehow it was my excuse to stall. I couldn't commit, didn't understand what a good man was or what made a good relationship. Instead I chased the unattainable because my fear of commitment was quite real. I once was told I run when things get hard or complicated. But enough about me and how I ruin my love life.

The point of this LLL post was really to just tell you all to really look around you. What do you see? Are your friends and family surrounding you? Do you have someone that really truly loves you? Or are you wanting more from life, wanting bigger, better, more? Why? Life isn't really supposed to be this complicated ride where everything is a problem and everything is a sacrifice. We are the problem. My advice to you is to stop chasing what you already have. Stop wanting everything and realize what you've already got. Don't get this confused with settling. If you really aren't genuinely happy with your relationship or your friendships, then surely it isn't the best idea to stay involved. What I'm saying is if these people, be it a good friend or the person that loves you, gives you comfort, love, compassion and strength, what more do you really want?

I have a quick story to tell you so that maybe you could understand the difference a bit. In my relationship with my ex of four years (you know the one), I remember fighting with him because I wanted flowers and gifts. Yes, you can call me a selfish bitch because yes, I was. I would fight to the death sometimes, too. In the end, it really hurt our relationship because I wanted him to be someone he wasn't. He wasn't the romantic type. But he gave me comfort and strength. I suppose there were a few other things left from his rapport but the point was, I was expecting him to provide me things that really didn't make or break the relationship. It was all petty.

So, if you find yourself having fun with a new guy and he's really great and genuinely sweet, stop going back to your ex who is only satisfying for 15 minutes and then he's back to being his dicky self.

Just enjoy life. Stop chasing what's bad for you and what's hard for you. Love your life and stop worrying about who's not in it.

Photography by: Sabrina Noel Hill (From original series here)