If you haven't already heard about Sartorial Sounds, the following will surely spark interest in wanting to attend the next. Josh and Travis, the fellows behind Street Etiquette, hosted a moveable feast of sounds, naming it Sartorial Sounds.

When I moved to NYC, I got the invite and immediately knew I was going. I knew I would be moved but to the extent, I wouldn't understand until that night.

There is something about artists who thrive off energies of their counterparts or a crowd being moved by the effervescent flow of verbiage. I couldn't tell you exactly what I felt that night because I think every emotion was touched. The most important thing that evening was really realizing why I moved here. I moved here to be stimulated beyond recognition. I may not know the reasons of why things happen or what is to come. Yet, being surrounded by people, artists if you will, who may not know what will happen or what is to come, who can be so passionate beyond imaginations, is more than inspiring. It's New York City.