So, it's hot in NYC. What to do... Well, it's hot, I have a fuzzy jacket. OH SNAP! D.I.Y PROJECT!

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw that I was working on a mini D.I.Y. project which was this. If you remember me wearing this fuzzy jacket during fashion week in February, well, I decided to cut it up and make a vest. Best decision I've made. It's awesome and I'm in lust with it. We'll see if I'll miss it during winter. HA.

Meet my latest treasure- this amazing gold leaf necklace from Kevia. I seriously can not get enough of this piece. It was sent to me a few weeks ago and I've worn it over 10 times, literally putting it with every outfit. It spruces everything up just right. I was really surprised with how inexpensive this is for such a delicate piece. And the rings she makes? On my goodness, it's like candy for my tendons. Wait, is that toes? Whatever. Check out her entire line here because you'll want some of this fancy-for-less pieces. I promise.

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My hair- I wanted to braid it up to keep it off my neck and this is what I came up with. Man, another great decision. Holy hell, I'm some sort of amazing decision maker. ;)

One last great decision- I was craving iced tea after my long walk to grab pickles- without realizing I walked right into a hidden camera show. HA. So kids, it looks like I'm famous. (definitely just kidding)

thrifted jacket turned vest | thrifted button-up tank | H&M leather shorts | Dolce Vita sandals | Kevia necklace c/o Kevia