What do you do when you have no photographer, an awesome brick wall and an important job interview in the morn?

Well, you take outfit shots of course- self-timer necessary.

I had a fairly amazing interview this morning and let's just say that it's been four days and I BEYOND know I made the right decision to start my "mid-20's" (ew) adult life here.

Want some tips on what to wear to an interview? WELL...

Dress for the industry you're in or entering | In the fashion industry, I think it's important you show your personal style without bringing out your floor-length floral neon coat that I will be wearing my 2nd week in | Wear an appropriate height for your heel- this isn't the time to break out your patent leather "club-get-it-girl-fuck-me" pumps | Depending on how you feel, wearing sleeves is definitely appropriate- I wore the American Apparel sweater shawl over this during the interview but damn near, thru it off once I was in the elevator. IT'S FRIGGIN HOT here | Be you and let that come out in your dress

UO blouse | UO slacks | African bracelets & necklace | Emilio something or another heels

Can we please talk about the captain-obvious atrociousness in my awesome brick walls? I can't afford them so love them- they provide me access to you and The Kardashians.