I call this, "Barney called, he said to stop stealing his branded shade of self-tanner".

From the velvet shoes, to the floral skirt, to the gingham patterned button-up, purple threw up all over me. Yeah, I kinda liked it. This was motivated by me wishing that summer would just come already. I mean, honestly. It's June for Barney's sake. What's the deal? Why must the endless rain pour down upon us? I stopped rain-dancing ions ago (ohhh snap, ions or eons? Who knows. I propose it's the latter?).

Lately, I've been feeling a bit retro whether that includes pin-curled bangs, knotted button-ups with the collared popped (a' la below), or mini dresses. I am really thankful I grew up in this era where we can pull from the past and create looks that fit the lifestyle of NOW and somehow just make it work- passing off several decades in one layered-lucious look.

Oh yeah, and... I got major cat calls from the numerous construction workers and its' posse' in the Mission. It made my life.

thrifted gingham button-up | thrifted sheer floral skirt | Jessica Simpson Dany platforms | vintage (passed down) necklace | Forever 21 sunnies

  I wish you all could of seen the awesome, abandoned police station we shot in front of. It was eerie and kind of sexy. Then a bum decided to plop his scummy ass right next to the gate and take a gander. I barfed...then posed.


Photography by Lydia Hudgens