I'd call this a form of color blocking but I'm not quite sure. Nonetheless, I really love not matching. It's reminiscent of the times back when I was a kid, where I threw everything on in my closet in meticulous manner and still come out looking like my closet threw up on me.

So June 1st is here, I can't believe it. 6 months ago it was just January (wow Christina, you're one smart cookie). Anyhow, time flies so quickly and I remember coming back from New York in February and saying that I was never going to move there- I really wanted to hate it. It's insane how one's mind can change so drastically, all for the simple sake of pleasing one's (in)sanity. It's my birthday in two days, then a whole bunch of partying, packing, eating, drinking and more packing ensues, then I'm up and out-the-door to NYC next Saturday. Can't believe it's finally happening and I can't believe you'll all been around watching this all happen. Talk about a ride ay? On that note, have you checked out the store lately? C'mon, support a sista. New York rent ain't cheap.

mega old leather jacket | thrifted silk button-up (knotted- thus my favorite way to wear button-ups) | thrifted shorts | Jessica Simpson Dany platforms | really awesome neon feather earrings from LF (3 years ago) | Forever 21 sunnies

Looking back at these photos, I really need to touch up my ombre'. It's looking a little too golden for my taste. Ash we go!


Photography by Lydia Hudgens