During the Academy of Art fashion show, I was utterly enamoured with two collections.

The above was a collection inspired by the 1940's zoot suit, revisited. I couldn't get enough of the prints, backwards suit jackets, slouchy flounced skirts and textured tops. Donna Dong Zhong, the designer, has truly found her mark, congrats on graduating with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design. She's definitely found her eye.

The other collection I died over was by Lisa Relth. It had a Suno-Dries Van Noten notes in her collection, from the dipped-dyed pants and blouses with printed patterns across the shirt to pant. The styling of mixing prints is always a beloved of mine and I couldn't get enough of how it was all pulled together. You can easily see each piece being transitional between anything in your wardrobe. I would buy this instantly.