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We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it/Always pushing up the hill, searching for the thrill of it

Walking on a Dream has been on repeat for the past few weeks. I can not get enough of this song. It's like summertime, carefree, breezy days, drinks in hand, holding hands, tapping your feet, good kind of music. Don't you just want to put on a breezy dress and walk along a bridge while you stare off in the distance? Oh snap, I did that.

Anyhow, I can't get enough of this dress. If I could, I would have a seamstress make me this dress in every color, preferably in chiffon, silk, leather, crochet, lace, you name it. I can eat whatever I want, I still (somehow) feel sexy and I can prance around on a bridge, no problem, without feeling like a (complete) idiot. The joys of scoring priceless vintage.

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vintage 1970's dress | thrifted "shawl" (really a tablecloth, shh) | vintage cowboy boots | Forever 21 bib necklace (stupid old) | assorted bracelets from H&M and Africa | UO sunnies
Photography by: Tyler Topacio