Can't wait til The Find comes out with their new program! It's more than amazing, let me just say!

This darling girl was amazing. If you haven't checked out her blog, do it- Plastic Barrettes

The amazingness that is the Proenza boys and BOF! So many great brains in this room!

Oh my, if you were there at this panel, it was quite a "sit on the edge of your seat" type. YIKES!

Ya, ya, ya the YSL mohawk pumps but can we please talk about the amazingness of Farran's sneakers? I mean, I'm definitely not a sneaker gal but I couldn't get enough. Is it croc? I don't know but I'm in love!

The conference was fantastic because I got to meet some of my favorites, amazing readers and my inspiration to start blogging. Going to conferences like these are a great experience for me because I get to bond with you guys, meet new bloggers and find out who's on the up and up. This IFB conference was different because I felt there were more intelligent people speaking on the panel. People with real voices and who have really worked extra hard to make it to where they are now. I was so proud to see many blogger friends up there, speaking the truth behind blogging because I feel that's needed in this new industry.

My hopes for the next conference, hopefully hosted by IFB, is a conference where it's open forum. New bloggers speaking their minds to veteran bloggers and a discussion group, focus group rather, is formed. I feel as though these new bloggers have wonderful ideas and also want answers to questions that we have struggled to find ourselves. What's better than being honest with one another? Why are we hiding from the truth? Are we afraid of giving away our "secrets to success"? Oh horse shit. This community is so small and so close that it really could help if we ALL came together to talk, discuss, EAT and learn in the company of equals. I hope that blogging becomes more honest and open in the future. I feel it's the best way to succeed and prevent companies from taking advantage of us.

A highlight for me was meeting my inspiration to blog, Karla. I enjoyed watching her blog and style change over the years and really see her rise in a new success. Her acceptance of who she is, is beautiful and I hope to emulate that on my blog. Not only was she so sweet in person but I felt so relieved that she wasn't one of the ones who obtain this "celebrity" ego that we all really hate. Can I get an amen? AMEN.

Other beauties I met were: Gabi of Young, Fat & Fabulous | Chelsea of Dear Winnie | Fajr of Stylish Thought & so many others! It was quite overwhelming of all the people I hadn't met yet. Very exciting to say the least!

Seeing old, saucy faces was also a reliving feeling: Laura of On The Racks | Taylor of Sterling Style | Karen of Where Did U Get That | Meghan of Wit Whimsy

Outfit post coming soon!

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