love letter
love letter

Dear Readers,

Oh, how I heart you all so much. You are my only motivation to continue this and push forward. This is a dedication to you.

When I first starting blogging, I had no idea what I was doing or where this would lead but I wanted to share my journey with you, no matter how many readers there were. Over the course of four years (Deefineme 2007, Fashion Tablet 2008, Nobodyknowsyou 2009, Profresh Style 2009-current), you've followed me, I've gained new readers and lost some. The ones who are still here, this is my love letter to you. There is nothing more that makes me so happy than to write to you every post.

My journey through blogging has led me to amazing experiences, going to the dream career place of New York City and attending two seasons of fashion week. I've met wonderful people, was exposed to the dark side of the fashion industry but more than anything, I was rewarded with the hugest circle of supporters I've ever had. I've never really doubted I couldn't do what I wanted or couldn't achieve anything I put my mind to. Through blogging, it's motivated me to push myself and go after what my dreams have been since a little girl. Those dreams changed this season.

I won't say I'm quitting my dream, I won't say I'm going to stop blogging but I'm saying that I'm realizing my potential in New York City. New York can be a scary place; everyone is beautiful and aspiring and motivated. Everyone strives for success and gains it, no matter what they have to do to get there. I'm just not sure I could ever be that way. Call it being soft, call it being too nice, but I could never fit into this lifestyle.

I know what you're thinking. "You don't need to fit in", "Don't listen to them, you can do it" but I honestly believe it doesn't matter if I don't fit in or can do this. I don't want to. My happiness will always be more important than any job, any beautiful dress, any city walk-up apartment. Who knows if I'll end up in New York City, Sweden or any other city I crave. What I know now is my happiness overrides all.

You are the reason I started; you'll be the reason I continue. Your letters, your thoughts, your comments, your sweetness IRL is what makes me love blogging and will continue to do so. I can't thank you enough for motivating me and being the sweetest people I could have ever met or talked to.

So, for once, follow a very unknown path to making it. Whatever that means. Hey, you never know- I might move to Seattle, open up a coffee shop and make a million babies. ;)

Love always,