You can probably guess where I spent my day before the chaos of MBFW ensued? No, can't guess? Oh, you're in for a treat.

The gorgeous Erika of Style Activist and I met up for a wonderful frozen hot chocolate at the infamous Serendipity. At first, I swore I was lost (again, no less), because there's minimal signage and the storefront is so tiny. After inspecting and poking about, I walked inside and was greeted by the sexiest Puerto Rican I've seen yet. Gay, straight, I didn't care. He was adorable and made Serendipity so much more exciting.

I already knew what I wanted after seeing friends and people in movies order this delightful treat: the Frozen Hot Chocolate. It really is just a blended chocolate drink with ice. Although I wasn't astoundingly impressed with the drink, I was captured with the service and surroundings. Really, though, when you think about it... $12 for a bowl of chocolate ice really isn't worth it. No?

After a rest and a meeting, it was time for the WineDown Blogger Meetup, hosted by Erika and Lynzy. I adored the bar at the Ace Hotel. Although it was crowded, it was crowded with a ton of BLOGGERS! It was so exciting to see everyone come together just to hang out and drink together. I was so delighted to finally meet Kristy, winner of the Sunglass Hut's Full Time Fabulous position. She is amazing in person and totally chill. It's also a good sign to know that people can be grounded after such an accomplishment.

Vahni (pictured below with Lee) is just as gorgeous in person as she is on her blog, Grit & Glamour, if not more! Her hair is steal-worthy and her face is flawless. I was obsessing, can you tell? After getting a brief lesson from Lee, a street style photographer in Australia, I was so excited to test my skills for the IFB con the next day. He was awesome and really great at willing to teach me something that I'd probably have to pay for.

Photo via Kristy-Full Time Fabulous

I promise there will be a Style Shot post for what I wore to the event. Can you tell I was already dead by then? I don't know how I'm going to get through this week and next. Did I mention I'm here til' the 22nd? Yes, I'm slightly crazy.