The Lucky Fashion and Beauty Blogger (FABB) Conference came and went yesterday. Although I didn't attend the conference, I came for the cocktail hour. Yes, yes, cocktails were needed after the day I had. Let me just give you the short hand, shall I?

I fell down the stairs, all the way down, at the StyleLikeU offices, got a rug burn on my hands from falling, got lost from Uptown to downtown and around town walking in my Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms- 5 miles mind you, finally got a cab and obviously got lost, lost my bouncy fro from the 40 mph wind, threw away a perfectly warm Venti coffee because I kept spilling it on my rug burn hands, and still managed to have a great time at the Lucky after party. After downing a few, or 7, cocktails, I met so many new bloggers and met up with some old friends. Lucky put together a beautiful and elegant party. Perfectly New York, I'd say. I'm sure I could go on and on about my first official day in New York but why don't you enjoy some visuals?

The lovely folks include:

Danny The modman | Erika Style Activist | Felicia ThisThatBeauty | Kristina Pretty Shiny Sparkly | Kim Eat Sleep Wear | Nadia FrouFrouu | Gemma FadeToBlack | Taylor Sterling Style | Ann Holier Than Now

If I missed you, please let me know. I know I forgot some of your names already! Shoot me a comment/email!

A huge thank you to Caroline of Lucky Mag! See you in September!

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