I'm so excited for the new year to come. Although the changes I'd like to make for the new year usually never happen, I enjoy going through my list of resolutions and recapping on the prior year. Check out my resolutions from last year and my Best of 2009 post!

There is something so refreshing about thinking of things to change and having a strange calmness and positivity for what's to come. So many things have happened this year and all I want is for the new year to arrive so that a fresh start could be made. A recap on 2010 is coming up. Stay tuned for that!

vintage Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress | vintage fox fur coat | Michael Kors t-strap heels | nude back seam stockings | vintage elephant belt

Photography by Tyler Topacio Photography

A quick apology to you all: Since the holidays, my dedication to the blog has fallen off a bit. I swear, getting off track leaves me so disoriented. I've been staring at my laptop all morning with a bunch of tabs open, overwhelmed by all the things I've got to get done before the new year. So thank you for being patient with me and for letting me slip on Reader Appreciation this week. I'm working on a few changes for it so stay tuned for that as well. You all are so amazing for following me this long. My journey isn't anywhere near over and I love that you all are along for the ride.