H&M sheer maxi dress | JC Lita boots | honey punch bloomers | Zara belt | GIB necklace | the reg jewelry

The Litas have got to be my favorite shoe ever in life. Not only are they comfortable (with insoles put in) but I've worn them consecutive days in a row and I refuse to wear any other shoe. Pardon the fact that the following style shot posts will be featuring these beauties. Solestruck offers the widest assortment of colors and textures. I'm not big on suede since it doesn't last well in the rain and I don't like pebbled leather so the distressed leather was my choice.

I've been obsessed with this dress I got quite a long time ago but never shot it. I love that it's a snow leopard print and using more neutral tones. The sheerness is my favorite as all sheer pieces are. I normally wear my polka-dot American Apparel bloomers but I thought I'd throw it off a bit and wear this Honey Punch ruffled white bloomers instead. It made the contrast more intense which I enjoy.

I'm having so much fun finally shooting quality images (to my standards at least). Jennie and Jay have really kept me going as far as maintaining my style shot posts. These images were taken at Jennie's house and I couldn't get over this little nook she has in her apartment. It's got this Victorian, romantic yet quite modern look to it. The classic style of the heavy drapery and velvet chairs are so stunning. I seriously could curl up in that nook and live there.

Notice a change in my hair a bit? While hanging out with Jennie, we had a chance to see Shannon at Revamp Salon for a quick bang trim. Can I just say that he is awesome? It's a rarity that a hair stylist really listens to the client. I've had my fair share of confusion in a many a chair in many a too-fancy salon but Shannon listened to what I wanted and I'm so happy with them. Thanks again!!

Photography by Jennie of Going West

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