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Yes, I just had to use Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair". This song is AMAZING. Ya, she's 9 years old, so what? Holla homegirl.

I mean, seriously, can we say DIY project?

This lil' mama is too cute. The white lashes, loving. Rob Zangardi, I'd love to chitchat. You've got this girl's style down!

I think I might rock those rhinestone lips for Halloween.

Rob, also Rihanna's stylist, really dressed her so appropriate for her age. His team wasn't putting her in these dressed-up grown clothes but really took an edge and a trend and brought it down for a 9-year old. I appreciated the fact that they weren't sticking Willow in some high heels and sayin', "ohhh, she FASHHUUUnable." yeaaa.

Did anyone notice Willow's brother, Jayden, was in the shoot? Too grown and too cute.

This little love was my favorite. Check her outfit, I mean really, this girl was workin' it at baby size.

My favorite shot of her-too adorable. Work it Willow!

Her birthday is on Halloween!

Happy 10th Birthday Willow!