thrifted skirt turned into a dress | American Apparel sheer blouse | vintage elephant belt | ripped tights | random hooped earrings | Michael Kors t-strap heels

I'm really big into maximizing what's already in my closet. If you've followed my blog through the beginning, I've utilized the same pieces I've owned since the beginning of my blog and before, every now and then adding in a few new pieces. It's important for me to be realistic because most people aren't getting free clothes, most people aren't rich and most people don't have huge buckets of chump change coming in that they can spend freely on whatever. I got this leopard skirt for under $5 at Thrift Town-yes, FIVE DOLLARS. That blouse I'm wearing underneath the skirt has literally been on my body at least three times a week. So obviously, I'm getting my money's worth every time I spend.

The skirt is really sheer but I know that I could use it in other ways than just a skirt. So far besides draping it over my neck to create a dress, I've always used it as a scarf, a strapless dress, a skirt (obviously), a cape, draped in with a belt like this (I'm in the last photo at the bottom), and I'm thinking of more and more ways to wear it. I'm loving how useful $2.99 could be with a great buy. :) Suggestion for you: If you've got a flowy skirt, just put it over your head. You never know what you might come up with!

So I finally got to shoot with Jay and I am so amazed with these photos. There were so many great photos but I didn't want to bombard you all with all of them so I've posted the rest on my Facebook page!

PS: A huge shout to:

Walter of BART :) & Hotel Shattuck for letting us shoot! Cherie & Farzana of Labels in Berkeley (I love, love, love the belt!)

Photography by Jay Adams of aerosolpoetic

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