Danskin leotard | thrifted skirt | vintage belt | Michael Kors t-strap heels | H&M lucite bracelets | vintage rings | diy necklace | H&M sunnies

Do you know that saying, "A leopard cannot change its spots"? I felt it was quite suiting from my last post regarding the kids who were committing suicide based on the bullying of who they were. We all get in these moods were maybe we wish we looked different, we acted different, we had a different family, etc. but ultimately, we cannot change what's permanent. Why would you want to change what makes you, you? I heard a great quote today saying,

"Why do you say you're different, when asked what makes you special? Why don't you just say you're YOU, nothing more, nothing less."

I found that to be so fitting to how I felt back then. There is nothing better than being who you are, and not being ashamed of where you came from, and who you've grown to be. There is nothing greater than being the person you are-never change for anyone or anything.

By the way, this skirt has got to be my favorite piece in my closet right now.

Photography courtesy of Jennie of Going West

It's 10.10.10. What are you doing today?

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