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Funny title right? Ya, I have an issue with my knees. They aren't the most attractive thing in the world...ya, the perils of body image.

Can we talk about how in love I am with Lolita also known as Little Italy, right? Jess and Kesha took me around to tour this gorgeous city called New York City and I couldn't fall more in love. There was something so romantic about Lolita, with it's old century buildings and romanced whimsy all around, ever corner you turned. The park we took these shots in was across from this little Mexican cafe' that had a secret underground club. I was dying to go in but Jess said it was majorly hard to get into. Hmm, maybe once I live there, I'll make an attempt.

New York was quite the whirlwind trip. I've never ran around so much in my entire life but I enjoyed it. I think for the most part, I was just in awe of what the city had to offer. It was a never-ending network fest that excited me to the core. Nothing could compare to my home here in the bay area, but I'm always up for a challenge, a new game plan and a whole new setting so come November, let's see what New York has to offer me.

On a side note, I had my friend do my hair ombre' before I left for New York but unfortunately, it didn't hold well so I wore my usual bun the entire time. But after looking at these pictures, my hair didn't look so bad up. In fact, I like the way the color looks up. Too bad it wasn't so great down. :(

Sorry for the picture heavy post. I'm normally not so narsasstic, limiting myself to three or four photos but I was really happy with the way these photos came out especially at night. Major props to Jess for taking these shots!