I braved the rain and headed to the blogger meetup hosted by Deanne of Dream Sequins and Ann of Holier Than Now at Fourty-Four at the Royalton Hotel in mid-town. The setting was romantic and chic-perfect for a room full of fashionable dressed people. We sat around discussing the stress of fashion week and the excitement of the rush. It was good coming together, old friends and new. I enjoyed hearing everyone's stories and talking about my own perils of fashion week. (haha)

Tony Wang of Post.Fashionism

The amazing boys of StevieBoi and Mr.Bradshaw. They had amazing swagger and were quite hilarious. Tony & I had a great convo with these two.

The gorgeous Laura of On The Racks

All images via Dan Moody except first two images by Ann of Holier Than Now

Thank you again to the lovely Deanne and Ann for throwing this event. It was great and can't wait to meet again!