Toni Francesc-SS/11 (Picture-Heavy Post)

I had an amazing time at the Toni Francesc show. I couldn't get over every little detail of the production nor the phenomenal styling of the looks. I had a hard time concentrating, both taking photos, taking mental notes and enjoying the collection but it was by far, my favorite during New York Fashion Week.

I couldn't get over this waffle texture. Not only did it scream summer, but it had this sexiness to it that I couldn't get enough. Normally, bulky textures have a way of being stuffy, overdone and loud but the way the designer incorporated a binding, sexy cut-outs and a sleek fit was truly what sold me on this. By the way, does anyone know where this collection or any of his will be selling? I want to know the price point, dammit.

Oh. My. Can we please talk about sexy? Obviously, you would have to have the most perfect body, like hers, in the world to pull this off but I was and am in love. The way it drapes, creating billowy pockets and the straps are sexy, no need for being demurred.

The outerwear pieces were one of my favorites. I love the way they were cut, each having its' own thematic element. The oversized number above was stunning. Although, it seemed to look heavy, very fall-like, you could tell the fabric was lightweight and had the wearability for spring anywhere.

Gahh.. The shoes, the shoes, the shoes. Simple, eclectic numbers that I just couldn't stop talking about. The platform wood wedge with this amazing cut-in made me so excited. I am really in love with this combo color of citron and grey. What a collab and with wood?! Ahh, amazing.

The wood accessory is truly, truly, truly my favorite. As you all know, I'm an accessories fanatic. Anything large, oversized, dramatic and striking is all me, baby. I'm not sure who designed the wood pieces. A commenter said it was this particular jewelry designer but when I checked out her site, I saw nothing similar...the search remains. I must get these pieces! They used wood as a balance, as a necessity for these pieces. Some garments utilized wood to hold the dress up; some used it for a purpose like walking (on the platform of the shoe) and some were merely used as a striking accessory to add to these already sexy pieces. The combination of wood, silk, chiffon and washed color have got to be my new favorite for Spring 2011.

The makeup was stunning. The use of citron on the eye really captivates features on the face, bringing out the natural skin color. The models pulled this look off seamlessly. We got the eye color in our bags at the show, so I'm going to test out the look soon to see how wearable it is IRL. The hair reminded me of the days when we, or maybe just I, used to twist the crap out of my hair to create little "poop" buns. They looked like worms all knotted up together. I'm not sure if anyone else did that, but that was my favorite hair style back in middle school. Hmmm...making a comeback maybe?

Shelly & I couldn't get over this piece..who's Shelly you ask? oh you'll find out soon enough ;)

Thank you to the team for inviting me to such a wonderful show. I look forward to Fall!