Lincoln Center Street Style-Day Three Pt 2

These two blew my mind, especially the one on the left. She had this phemonomal jewelry collection and I just had to catch a glimpse at this stunning lady. I spotted her across the way and said, rather loudly, "look at HER!", which in turn, made her take off her sunnies and give me a smile. I believe they were both Italian, they didn't speak English so unfortunately, I couldn't get any deets on her. Although, these images say enough about these two.

She had to of been one of my favorites. First of all, that hat. Can we talk about how much I'd love to rock that currently? All that's left is to figure out how to add in my top knot. She had this presence around her, which from the looks of the people behind her, I wasn't the only person who saw this. I love that she strolled in with her bike, fetchingly matched of course. I wasn't able to get what she was wearing but it didn't even matter. I have this strange obsession with older women's style and this image was enough to inspire me.

Meet Becca. Her style was sensational, the shoes were killer, and her jewelry was the obsession. I couldn't get over that she MADE all her jewelry. You all know that I am so very obsessed with jewelry. What Becca created were pieces I've been dying to find and have yet to do so. Her cross necklace was killer-I couldn't get over it. I told her she needs to start selling so I could purchase these bad boys.

Ray Bans//T by Alex Wang top//Zara pants//Manolo Blahnik booties //Alex Wang bag//Jewelry - all made by her

This was my second day running into Yvan during FW. I completely embarrassed myself by taking about Andy from Style Scrapbook way too much, that the next day, I think he thought that's how I recongized him. When he came up to me to chat on the day I took this photo, I was so embarrassed. Obviously, I knew him from his street style blog, Face Hunter, not from another person's blog but unfortunately, I didn't stick my foot in my mouth faster. I, personally, enjoy his imagery blog where he posts photos of real people, real life. It's much more enjoyable. Yvan is quite sweet. We talked for a good 15 minutes and I truly enjoyed listening to his perspective on style and where it stems from and what is inspiring.

More Street Style to come!