Day 1: NYC & IFB Conference

I've made it to New York and I've been on this high every since. New York energy is really amazing; the people are focused and stylish. I'm ready to move here, stat.

Day One has for sure, been the most chaotic. I worked the IFB Conference which I must say, was amazing. The production ran fairly smooth and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I met some of my favorite bloggers (although, I'm very proud of myself for keeping my composure) and I enjoyed every last second, even when I was running around like a maniac.

Phil Oh from Street Pepper. He was such a doll. When I went to grab him for his prep, he said, "I'm on time but I forgot my camera!" I mean, come on Phil, that's the epitome of you. :) He was so nice and truly friendly. I was obsessed with his bun and the way he throws it up.

Bryan from BryanBoy was most definitely my favorite. Not only is he quite comical, but his demeanor is very attracting. He's calm, cool, collected and hilarious. He was just so damn adorable, you just wanted to give him a big hug. Obvi, I didn't.

Rumi from Fashion Toast was really chill too. Although, the poor girl. She was so nervous but I give her props for speaking in front of everyone. It's got to be so intimidated because everyone is looking at her like, "well you made it. Tell us how you did it". So I completely understand why she was the way she was.

These two are so great! I'm glad Tony & Laura both were able to make it. Got to love the bay area love amongst the NYC crowd!

image via Tony of PostFashionism

Image via Delmy of Fashion Bananas

I had such a great time at the conference and meeting such great bloggers like Jared of Lowe Factor, Christina of Love Brown Sugar, Jessica of Bits and Banter, Nubia of Nubia's Nonsense, Gemma of Fade to Black, Chantal from Cocorosas, Erika of Fashion Chalet, Nadia from FrouFrou, and so many others.

P.S. Total apologies on the image quality. Although I've got a nice camera to use, I have no clue how to use it which is why all my images are blurry, etc. I'll hopefully get better as the days go on.

Day Two up next! xx,