change is good, is it not?

As those who follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I had the sudden urge to "re-design" my apartment. I didn't buy anything, as I can't-I didn't move, as I can't-I just rearranged my apartment so it felt newer. I get antsy looking at the same thing and I've been here almost a year, so it was duely time.

The breakdown:

  • Moved bookcase behind bed to create a headboard: I haven't had an actual bedframe, you know, with a headboard and all. So, this was a way to create seperation in my studio apartment and give me a functional headboard.
  • Moved dresser to a corner of the room: Where I originally had it, became an eyesore when you entered my apartment. It didn't seem to fit there and I want to eventually put a big, comfy armchair where it was originally. Moving the dresser to the side of my bed creates a seperation which I really like.
  • Moved different artwork and frames around the room: Since most of my furniture is now on the right side of the apartment, I thought it might be nice to balance that out by putting the artwork on the left side so I don't look one-side heavy.
  • Created a seating area for my "living room": Eventually, I'll have moved on to a bigger space, but for now, this is my little humble abode. So, to make me feel better about making that statement, I had to create a little living room so people would have somewhere to sit besides sitting on the floor. ;)

However, come October, I'll be adding some great new pieces that I can't wait to come.

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