sometimes, all you need is a breather

image via Jennine

I am so thankful to have Jennine take my outfit shots-they are few and far between but when I get them done (usually the days I work for IFB), I think it's worth the wait. (YES, it was that cold that I worn FUR in the summertime. Hey, it's San Francisco.)

vintage fur coat from my great-grandmother (seen here, here, here, and here) | thrifted silk blouse | AA leggings | BCBG wedges | cheapy wanna-be Karen Walker sunnies from H&M | vintage leopard silk scarf worn in hair | usual vintage jewelry

My "work weeks" have been usually insane. Normally, I keep myself super organized, everything gets written down, checked off, replenished, etc. However, I've come home to a messy apartment, missed important appointments, forget to follow up with people- I feel like a mess. So, I'm going home today to be with my family and relax.

I attended a wonderful event in San Francisco the other day, thanks to Christina for lending me her ticket and also to Meghan for hosting such a great mixer.

image via Wit & Whimsy (pictured Katie, AOL Stylist | myself | Laura, OnTheRacks | Yuri, | Meghan, Wit & Whimsy

image via FayFrisco (pictured Fayrouz, FayFrisco | myself | Laura, OnTheRacks

And of course I had to come home and do a vlog so check that out too!

Networking Tips

  1. Be prepared with your business cards with correct/updated info
  2. Breathe and relax!
  3. Work the room-smile, appear approachable and be willing to introduce yourself
  4. Yuri did something great at the event-She had great questions to ask one another which sparked great conversation. So come prepared to ask some fun questions you'd genuinely like answered
  5. Always be yourself. People know when you're faking even when they don't know you
  6. Have fun and remember, don't take yourself seriously!

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image via Jennine

This was quite the candid moment, but THAT FACE is exactly how I've been feeling as of late; flared nostrils and all.