Sun-kissed patterns

La Phare De La Baleine Linen Anorak | LF ruffled blouse | H&M jersey skirt | Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges | Peasants & Travelers cork tote | the usual rings & bracelets

photo via Jennine from The Coveted

I have a huge issue. I can't stop wearing my Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges. Seriously, I haven't photographed them much due to the repetitiveness. But I wear them so often because they are a great summer wedge. I trade off with my 2 year old Matiko wood wedges and these. Jennine and I were talking about how someone needs to make the perfect nude wedge bootie. I have yet to come across a great pair, unfortunately. Hmmm, maybe someone will one day. Does anyone know where I could find an amazing pair of leather, nude wedge booties? Or even nude wedge sandals?

In my previous post, I talked about mixing prints and color concepts. Here's another example of such.

The best way I can describe my method is pick a theme based a neutral or neutrals and work around that palette. I rather add in much color and if I do, it's majorly muted like this lilac/lavender linen anorak. If you wear more pops of color, keep it to one color and work around that with different shades.