NARS Cosmetic Summer 2010 Preview Event


Last week, I attended the NARS Bloggers Event where we were presented with the Summer 2010 collection. Let me start off by saying, I'm not a makeup connoisseur; I actually lack in that department. Lucky for me, my best friend lives & breathes for this type of thing, so I've learned a lot from her. I went into this event with an open and excited mind to learn more about not only makeup, but NARS as a cosmetics company.


The event was a success; if your like me and rather listen than read, check out my vid explaining everything. For more information, visit to learn about launch dates & price points for makeup listed in my video.

Thank you to Samantha, Ashley & Janice from NARS for an amazing and eloquent event!


Ran into a bunch of people I knew at the event including fellow IFB intern, Morgan & IFB Founder, Jennine! Lucky for me, Morgan brought her gorgeous camera so I got to take more professional shots with hers than my regular ol' point-and-shoot.

I give you; la video-

After I got home, my best friend did my makeup with some units I received from NARS as well as her own makeup collection and she did my hair (from previous post).

  New hair new face 014

Nars makeup used:

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base $24 By far, my favorite! A must-get! I was shine-free!!

Skin Smoothing Face Prep: Primer $30 Getting the Skin Smoothing Face Prep: Primer. Had a feel at the event and died! I used the eyeshadow base on my face and it worked just fine except the application was too small.

Lip Gloss in Super Orgasm & Angelique' $24 [not available yet at Sephora in these colors] (combined both lip glosses with a matte lipstick from Mac)

Limited Edition Multiples Stick in Cadaques' $38   (blended with my usual blush)

Although the colors on the multiple sticks & lip glosses seem vibrant, they aren't too bright. To achieve a bolder look, either combine like we did or pack it on!

What I wore to the event, coming tomorrow!