stripping to the basics

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As most of my readers know, I don't really go out shopping very often due to insufficient funds and also not being very inspired by what's in the markets now. For me, it's about starting with the basics to create an entire ensemble.

Let me break it down:

-Started with an H&M basic puff-sleeve tunic dress, paired with another obsession of mine; nude fishnet thigh-highs. I seriously can't tell you how much I love these. I have an enormous collection of legwear but nude fishnets in general have taken over. Lucky for me, I work across the street from a lingerie store, so my stock remains high. :)

-Obvi, I never leave the house with my usual bracelets and rings. Then, added my fur vest from 2 years ago & black peep-toe boots.

-Lastly, I add another element of texture; my silk leopard scarf.

It makes sense for me to just work with what I've got in my closet and create different looks. It saves me money and my style stays consistent. I suggest starting with a basic, then adding on your fave "statement pieces" to make the outfit yours.