how to embarrass yourself in front of the owner of Oak NYC

 Jeff madalena

image via Oak NYC blog

I was so excited to hear that Oak NYC was opening up a pop-up shop here in the bay area. It's about damn time. I've always loved Oak but never, in about a tril years had the ched to shell out. However, their extension of the store, A.Ok, offers awesome t-shirts & jeans and hilarious other paraphernalia. To save you from what everyone else will write about in the media world today regarding the event, let me give you a play-by-play of how I embarrassed myself in front of Mr. Jeff Madalena.

Alexia and I caroused the pop-up shop located in the Seventh Heart place near Hayes Valley. I got a pretty rad t-shirt, got to love Madonna (photos later). I had been eyeballing this man the entire time I was there, obsessing over his poncho-esque shredded linen button-down blend thing. I swear on everything, it was to die for. Somehow, we made it over to him and while staring at his poncho, I could tell he noticed me eyeballing it. So being the chatty-Kathy I am, using my "overly-gay excited" voice, while stroking his shoulder, "is this DIY?"...pause..."or did you buy it?" LMAO. He said he bought it, realizing he def wasn't gay, therefore realizing my voice was unnecessary. So I then proceeded to obsess over it, verbally. I couldn't stop talking about it; the fringe, the shreds, the cut, it was amazing. He, then, continued to show me that it was a button-down and not a poncho which made me so much more obsessed. He was SO CHILL, so down to earth, it was relieving. I asked him if it was a recent purchase...pause...or not so recent. His response: "..actually, I got it here, I work for Oak." I then, looked around as if it was going to magically appear in the store. He then says, "actually, I didn't buy it, I pretty much stole it..." I laugh, continue to touch him, laugh, ha. ha, ha ha ha. Still not realizing who I'm speaking with. The convo gets dropped as Lex and I isn't until I've already left Oak, that my friend Katie informs me of whom I was speaking with. I literally died of embarrassment. Yes, yes, ladies & gentlemen, I met the owner of Oak NYC and made a complete ass of myself. :) Luckily, he wasn't a douche, nor was he like, (in a grand British-like accent, even though he isn't British) "yes, yes, this is my company. I own Oak. blah ze blah". He acted like a patron, a person like myself. Although I am embarrassed, I am even more excited that I spoke with him. If only he knew my obsession with Oak.

Now, for the pictures of the evening. Bare with my Canon point-and-shoot.

  Oak nyc 013
Oak nyc 015
Oak nyc 016
Oak nyc 017
Oak nyc 018
Oak nyc 019
Oak nyc 021
Oak nyc 024
Oak nyc 026
Oak nyc 027
Oak nyc 028 

Please meet Jeff Madalena's feet. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of his poncho piece. Bummer.

Oak nyc 029
Oak nyc 030
Oak nyc 032
Oak nyc 034

I also, like usual, didn't get any shots of what I was wearing but I'll try and take photos this weekend to post later of what I wore. There is actually a pretty comical story to go along with it but that's for another day.