Aventures in Bay Area land-College Ave


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Forever 21 floral blouse | H&M cap-sleeve tunic dress | Falke sweater-ribbed tights | vintage cowboy boots | Ralph Lauren tan leather belt | H&M mint green infinity scarf | elephant tusk bracelets from Sankofa | Forever 21 earrrings | the usual rings | Monserat de Lucca bag

On my days off, I've been really busy scouting so I decided what better place to do that than College Ave-Elmwood District in Berkeley. Everything about this street is adorable; the storefronts, the babies, the tree-lined streets & cafes. I send myself exploring to see what I'd discover on this food & shop haven. I opted out of my mega-high heels on this venture simply because I didn't want to look like an "industry-folk" & because I was going to be walking up and down the street all day. Those boots are my favorite, seriously. They even say, Hecho in Mexico, inside. :) As you all know I'm an obsessive layer'er and I am tight on my budget. Therefore, layering gives me new looks constantly without me having to drop CHED aka $$$ on anything not investment-like.

The atmosphere on College was great at first glance. The food selections are wide spread, catering to different taste buds. Waitstaff in some cafes & restaurants were somewhat friendly but a majority were quite slow to function.  The demographic ranged from college kids scouring at Jeremy's for deeply discounted pieces to yoga-loving moms, getting the latest perspiration-prevention tank top at Lululemon. Let's just say my first walk-through was a bit confusing.

Favorites of the street:


I met up with my friend Alexia to have an early dinner at one of the many restaurants on College. We decided on Filippo's due to their delicious-sounding menu posted outside.

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The food was amazing. We were served garlic-infused olive oil with basil and warm sourdough bread. For our entrees, I had a pancetta & artichoke pizza while Alexia had a shrimp & potato pizza. The staff was slow during early dinner but later, we had a more competent wait staffer.


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This was an adorable & quaint ice cream parlor, with a consistent line down the street. They offer a unique variety of ice cream , similar to Bi-Rite. They also had yummy homemade treats like peppermint marshmallows, vanilla bean shortbread, and coconut covered macaroons. I tried the meyer lemon ice cream in their homemade cones, lined inside with dark chocolate. By far, ICI will be my destination shop for incoming visitors!

Here are my other reviews of my favorite places, although I didn't get pictures of them. My apologies.

Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore

I enjoyed this bookstore so much. I as in there far longer than anywhere else. The selection of books were definitely tailored down to the best. I read a book on Los Angeles from 1900-NOW for a good 30 minutes. The staff was a collection of elderly men and women, eager to help. So cute!

Summer Kitchen

This adorable, french kitchen set-up with a wood-burning over was the perfect setting on this street. The atmosphere said, "summer in the Hamptons" for sure. There were decadent sweets & treats along with a take-home selection of orzo salad & chicken tenders. The chef, Paul, was originally the head chef at Americano, in Hotel Vitale, a boutique hotel on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. He has created a unique and delicious sounding menu that I'll be back to enjoy.

Jeremy's Accessories & Mens Store

I was thoroughly disappointed with the womens' section in Jeremy's but their selection down one store, of accessories & men's was fantastic. Despite the store being fairly filthy, I was sidetracked by the amazing selection of consigned shoes, all waiting for me to try on. I eyed booties from Frye, summer wedges from Proenza Schouler, black bondage Tori Burch booties, Nina Ricci marigold-dusted pumps, Manolo Blahnik galore and bright yellow Christian Dior peep-toes all under $150! Yes, going back to make some purchases.