apartment therapy

I'm in the process of re-doing my apartment, which I can't wait tohave it fully realized. The ex-bf moves out in a few days, so I've been preparing for how I'd like my apartment to look once all his stuff is gone. The basic aura of the apartment now is beige/khaki with dark furniture. I've been obsessed with the color scheme of khaki and gray. Not only is it great wearing that color combination but I think it's going to look amazing in my newly single apartment.

I found a bunch of inspirational photos that I'm dying to try out. I love how ethereal the tones are in the photos; the lighting, the color schemes, the decor.  I've already figured out my layout for my apartment but I love the set ups in these photos. I might even post before and afters<3.


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Room_large 20090705204035
image via weheartit