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 Coat look 032
Coat look 049

Coat look 038

H&M puff sleeve dress | Target tights | Me Too boots | Riki flared trench | H&M textured scarf | Betsey Johnson black belt | random stone drop earrings I found in my drawer | Betsey Johnson sunnies | Tru double-finger ring | Tibetan skull ring | Stuf knuckle and hammered metal rings

Yes, well, I'm slightly more controversial than most but if you don't like it, don't read it. I've got to say though, I felt like I was going to be arrested walking around with a penis-shaped macaroon in the Castro. Obviously that didn't/won't happen. The cookie itself was absolutely delicious and perfectly worth $5.75. Available at Hot Cookie ;)

Coat look 030
Coat look 020
Coat look 009

 I hung out with Katie, contributing writer for many publications including The Stylelist, all day, literally. We enjoyed some Bi-Rite ice cream, walked ALL OVER THE CITY, then to her gorgeous apartment. Her view is absolutely stunning and it's worth the climb to get there.

In other news...

 Death cell 001
Death cell 003 

Yes, yes, ladies & gentlemen, I've officially destroyed my beautiful iPhone. I stepped on it with my ever-present heels...Luckily, this IS fixable which I'll be doing next paycheck..please believe. UGHHH my life.