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peach one-shoulder ruffle top; Target (old) | grey cap-sleeve tunic dress; H&M (old) | lace tights; Target | lace-up leather wedges; Dolce Vita (old) | shrunken blazer; BCBG (old) | leather belt; Betsey Johnson

I used to be a huge shop-a-holic but the worst due to WHERE I was shopping. Not that I'm totally against playing with high & low, I pride myself on that, but I wasn't buying investment pieces that would last me forever. So, since the new year, I've made a resolution where I wouldn't buy ANYTHING that wasn't going to contribute 100% to my current wardrobe, no matter the season. That being said, I wanted to show how you CAN make do with what you already own in your wardrobe.

The pieces I'm wearing are items I've had forever, well, sort of. I tried selling that one-shoulder number at Buffalo but it got rejected. I took inspiration from that rejection and decided to make a new look with it. I don't really find it acceptable to "rock" a one-shoulder if you've got 1. major armpit to boob squish 2. big boobs or 3. a non-toned shoulder/arm. This is why I was trying to get rid of it because I 100% fit all that criteria of NOT wearing a one-shoulder. But instead of throwing it away, I decided to "play with the lines" a bit to create a new look. Layering is so important for me when I'm getting dressed; it makes my looks complete. I wear this tunic constantly because it's tight-fitting, making the hem of the tunic look more like a bondage skirt. The one-shoulder and cap-sleeve created an asymmetrical line off-center from my collarbone. I liked how unusual it looked and it's my favorite part of this look. I completed the look with a belt to create my waist and voila', a new line is made. 

I know, such boring banter, but read it...or don't. I appreciate you coming anyway<3.

Btw, did you notice I've changed the look of my photos? I used to play around a lot on Photoshop, way back when Myspace was MAJOR, but I toned it down a lot, only playing with saturation and levels. I wanted to make my photos stand out a bit more though, playing with lighting and WHATEVER, since I don't 100% love my camera, I'll make due editing my photos fun and different. [disclaimer: all words in previous paragraph make no sense what-so-ever and it has no reflection on my intelligence...unless it's way late or I'm wayyy tired ;) ]


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It took me forever through TypePad but luckily, they helped me out a bit. Hope you all enjoy my favorite blog reads. I'll be adding more once I find my list I made a while back.