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vintage lingerie robe | BDG Tee | old forever 21 shorts | black opaque tights | jeffrey campbell platform wedges | essential necklaces & rings from everywhere

These robes are going to be my essential for Spring. I can't get enough of them. This one is my favorite because of its' entire lace trim. I haven't found the perfect outfit to wear underneath but since it was cold outside I thought it would be mighty appropriate to wear tights at least. These shorts are such oldies but I wanted something more rugged to go with such a lady-like piece, wouldn't you say? You can see I took off my shorts at one point because I wanted just a black silhouette under the soft and feminine lace. I'm thinking when I wear it in the Spring, I'll be pairing it with a strapless contoured maxi or a blend of nude, beige and cream watercolor dress. I've obviously thought this out. :)

Vintage shoping, all of a sudden, has become wildly popular in the past few ears, thanks to vintage buyers/sellers on the likes of etsy, ebay and their blogs, bloggers and street style. It’s pretty much guaranteed to make you look original. However, the voyage of vintage shopping can be awfully intimidating and overwhelming.


Here are a few tips to make your trip to vintage stores a little less hectic:



  1. Go in with a purpose/game plan. It’s better to find out what your looking for, than going in to search through racks after racks of misc. pieces.
  2. It’s often wise to call ahead to see when they last received new stock. Also, if your looking for particular designer vintage, call and ask what they have available.
  3. Don’t go in with a budget. If you go in with a $100 limit, you might miss out on something very original and unique. You might not be able to purchase that vintage chrillon skirt. Go with what your comfortable spending and always bring cash. It’s the best way to keep track of what your spending.
  4. Do not worry about sizes. Try it on and ask if the item has the potential to be altered. (Sometimes, a very unique piece could be ruined if altered.) For example, I bought this amazing 80’s Liz Claiborne silk dress for an easy $3.99, size 12. I’m definitely not a size 12, more like a size 6. Because of the shape of the dress, it had pockets and elastic band, the alternation was going to be too difficult and too high of a dress to be altered. So, instead, I’ve figured out how to wear it multiple ways, utilizing my accessories to create.
  5. Before buying a piece, ask yourself what you could wear it with. It should be at least wearable with three things from your own closet otherwise you’ll have just another piece that isn’t going to be worn.

My favorite places to vintage shop in my area are:


  • Static Vintage (MY NUMBER 1) 1764 Haight St / SF, CA
  • La Rosa Vintage 1711 Haight St / SF, CA
  • Thrift Town 2101 Mission St / SF, CA
  • Painted Bird 1201 Guerrero St / SF, CA