do i hear wedding bells?

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Dear Kind Sir, Mr. Elie Saab,

    Your Spring 2010 Couture collection has sent me into a frenzy. I can't help but jump for joy at the mere image of myself in one of your gorgeous couture gowns for my wedding day. When's the wedding day you ask? Oh well, sir, that is uncertain. I am yet but a woman, who merely wants to daydream of wedding dresses and planning table settings. ;)

All that set aside dear Mr. Saab, I'd like to request any of the above dresses for my wedding dress as well as the below dresses for my bridal party. Thank you so much ahead of time and I look forward to such a delivery.

Yours Truly,

Christina Dee.

Ahh, yes, a girl can dream. Elie Saab's collection for 2010 was to die for. I mean, I literally was 'mouth-open, salivating, zoom-click-click' on every single dress. The details are stunning, the hair was simple and chic and the makeup was perfect. This is how I depict my wedding attire will look like. I highly doubt that this is actual couture bridal wear but I really see the potential in it. I would love wearing yellow or soft pink or a pale beige. It makes the elements come together so beautifully. I also love how romantic and sexy each dress is; the subtle sheerness, the delicate lace, the intricate beading. I'm obsessed obviously.

Below are my choices for the bridal party. I've always wanting the whole mix-and-match theme. I don't want all my girls to be in the same dress. That's disgusting and ugly and no one is shaped the same. I also think they should feel glamorous too; not in some frump get-up that makes them look twice their size. Girls, I hope you like them. :)

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P.S. I hope you guys are enjoying my new look to the blog. I've been trying to figure out how I wanted it to look and I feel I've got it down this time. What do you guys think?

ALSO, thanks to everyone who entered in to my first giveaway! I'll be posting the winner tonight so stay tuned!