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vintage sheer lace/poly robe | fox fur coat; from grandpa | maxi dress; years old from Emma & Sam |lace bra; felina | lace up wedges; Dolce Vita | jewelry is either vintage or from misc boutiques

I took these photos last week when my mom came to visit me. It's so nice when I'm surrounded by familiarity. I've missed them so much. We found this amazing park that had alcoves everywhere and grass plains abundant. This is my new favorite place for photos...when the weather clears up. It's supposed to rain consistently all week. :(

If you follow my blog, you'll see that this maxi dress is my wardrobe savior. It seriously gives me a blank slate to work from to create a look. I love how elegant a maxi dress can look when wore in a more unique way. Maxi dresses aren't just for summer.

The lingerie robe is something I'm going to be into for Spring. I was inspired on the runways of Spring 2010 with all the vintage looking lingerie separates, sheer-ness and all the lace Plus, I liked how retro and classical they looked. Although it isn't spring quite yet, I just had to bring them out, just like I did with my striped sweater. Christian Dior, Spring 2010, really inspired me with the hair and makeup and the sexy and classy way lingerie is pulled into actual wardrobe. Look forward to more of this. I'm obessed.


images via style.com

Side note: My last post seemed to be misinterpreted. Style is something that IS truly sacred to one person. Of course we are all inspired by our daily lives and the people and places that we come across BUT that doesn't mean that we should take entire looks and call them our own. I am always inspired by what's around me but I don't see someone's outfit and take that look and call it my own. THAT'S what I was talking about as far as originality goes. It wasn't a diss to Rumi or Karla. In fact, it was merely giving them credit for their original style. If you pay attention, you'll see complete duplicates of them throughout the blogosphere.

In short, what I'm saying is try to be creative. Be inspired. That is all.

BTW, the contest ends TONIGHT at 11PM PST, so don't forget to enter!! I'll be posting via video the winner on Tuesday, February 2nd!