my boyfriend's gone so I stole his clothes

 Lex park fod 004
Lex park fod 003
Lex park fod 015
Lex park fod 026
Lex park fod 064  Lex park fod 022

I'm obsessed with my boyfriend's wardrobe...purely because I've picked out mostly everything (specifically because I know I'll be able to wear it lol). But this pretty little piece was done on his own. I'm obsessed with it, 100%. I love the color and it's a thermal which matches this ridiculously cold weather. The bagginess is my favorite part, seriously. It slouches perfectly; unfortunately it wasn't long enough for me to wear as a dress but I made do.

This lovely place is gorgeous. I was so amazed by these trees and the light that came through them. There's also a little creek right next to it which makes for such a soothing sound. I even loved the graffiti which scared the hell out of my photographer (alexia) and I to death but hey, got to risk to get nice photos lol. I'm posting the giveaway tonight so stay tuned. I'm heading out to the city to meet up with Katie, who writes for a million and one publications included ones fashion-related so we have much to talk about so that's why it will be a bit later tonight when I get back.

Now, these lovely photos below...A lot of people think I take myself seriously...I promise you, I don't. As you can tell, I'm not wearing any make-up and I'm goofier than you might think. I love to laugh and be crazy and dance retarded just because I can. So, make what you will of me but this, below, is 100% me. :)

Lex park fod 006
Lex park fod 018
Lex park fod 020

Lex park fod 057

my personal favorite. (above)

Lex park fod 060

Lex park fod 055

see how big his thermal was! And he's skinnier than me. Go figure. 

 Lex park fod 058

see you later. off to the city.