bangs back

 Outfit jan 10 022
Outfit jan 10 025
Outfit jan 10 021
Outfit jan 10 020

Outfit jan 10 023

My bangs are finally back. It's been since October/November 2009 since I've had these babies around. My BFF, who just graduated from cosmo school back in December, cut me some fresh ones on Thursday. Whoo. Yet, my hair is still going continuing on with the bun. I tried keeping my hair down this day and it wasn't working for the bun is staying put.

Let me just say that I can't wait for FUCKING Spring. My wardrobe is molding into Spring transitionals and I've already got my looks it's a waiting game to showcase them. Although I can't get enough of my furs, faux and real. They really seem to spruce up any look. As you can see, I'm obsessed with these lace bike shorts I DIY'ed way back this summer but it looks great peeking out from my dress. I love that it looks almost baggy. Obsessions with lace and high-class call girls will transfer into Sorry though, about the non-inspirational outfits. I'm telling you, Spring is ready for me and I for him. So until then, I feel it's going to be what it has been: black, fur & grey...YESSS.

I'll be posting my first giveaway on Monday so stay tuned for it. I'm so excited for you guys to see it and enter in to win. 

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BTW, sorry for my sporadic postings and my scatter-brained thoughts on screen. I'm all over the place these days; bigger responsibilities at work, taking on more with my blog, working my ass off, building my portfolio and networking. BUT, I swear, I will be taking more time to post and stay dedicated to you guys!

See you soon,