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I know, kill me, I posted almost the entire lookbook but you have no idea how much IKKS inspires me. My boss, owner of Riki Design introduced me to the meticulously laid out label, full of edge, sophistication and sass. IKKS is created in France and Riki is lucky enough to be able to carry this outstanding designer.

Whomever styled this shoot has inspired me completely for my entire season and throughout the year. Every piece blends well, transitioning into a cohesive look. Every piece is about being comfortable and stylish, the effort is seamless. Everything from the hair to the makeup to the entire look is something I want to achieve. The girl with the bangs and long hair is how I wanted my hair so long ago...hence why I've since chopped it off to get rid of all my short layers to start fresh. The makeup is dark and mysterious yet still light and refreshing. Truly taking inspiration from this lookbook and always from IKKS.

P.S. please tell me you saw the leather harem pants? i mean, just dying inside. Can't wait to get in IKKS Spring '10.