maiden lane

Ice skating 014
Ice skating 008
Ice skating 011
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Ice skating 015

gold sequin top; vintage | leather wedges; Jeffrey Campbell | leopard scarf; Christmas gift from sister many, many years ago | nylon socks & black opaque tights; Target | short-sleeve tunic dress; H&M | fringe necklace worn as bracelet; LF

The family and I headed out to Union Square to celebrate my mom's birthday. We walked around a bit and it happened to be when Betsey Johnson was in town to make an appearance at her Geary St store. It was quite comical to see all these horribly dressed girls around the Square. I mean, bad too; skull-like lingerie with large and in charge tutus, princess crowns, elf-like attire, the works. Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures until Jennie tweeted me telling me too. :(

I asked my mom to take my photos in Maiden Lane close to Union Square. Although I'm not currently able to purchase ANYTHING in this little, lovely alley, it was perfect, picturesque and romantic; I had to take my photos here. During my little shoot, my little sisters were there as well as my stepdad and my sister from North Carolina, visiting from school. They thought it was pretty funny so I made them take part in it.

Ice skating 020

Then I decided it was required that my sister get a taste of the "blog-lifestyle". It was so funny to see her in my wedges and then in my sequin top & leather jacket. This is polar opposite of what she wears, even what's she used to. She said that where she goes to school, people don't care what they wear...more or less, t-shirts and jeans. ew.

Ice skating 022
Ice skating 024
Ice skating 027

Please take note that I'm wearing flats. See exactly why I DON'T WEAR FLATS! The higher, the better.

Ice skating 028
Ice skating 034

My sisters, well really my sister to the left, Emily, thought it would be funny to be "models". I'll spare you with the multiple poses she went through. (The rest are on my facebook. :)

Ice skating 051
Ice skating 070

Ice skating in Union Square was really beautiful. The weather was pretty; not too cold, a slightly cold breeze but not bitter, and the fog made the buildings surrounding the Square more homely, more approachable. We all had a great time except for the weaker of the women, my mom and I, had a horrible time with our shins. They were burning by the time we stepped off the rink. Hmmm, maybe walking really isn't doing much for me.

Ice skating 089
Ice skating 106
Ice skating 111

Betsey Johnson is definitely a hilarious little woman. She talks forever and ever and ever and ever. I really don't even think she knew what she was saying. Luckily for me, I didn't care like the rest of the psychotic girls in that store. My gosh, all of them must of had their Prozac or something. They were out of control. Since Katie let me know she was going to be interviewing BJ, I thought I'd stop over to say hi to Katie since I couldn't go see Tom Ford with her the previous day. I walked up and ran into the manager, which of whom I'm totally good with. She was adorable as usual. (She's the store manager at the Walnut Creek location, name is Lou, say hello! She's the best) She told me to go the front and get an "A" card. Apparently that brings you to the front of the line. The store was ridiculously packed. It was ferocious, fatally dressed women ranging from the pubescent Betseyville carriers to the over-the-hill wanna-be BJ's, even down to the hair. I swear it; I saw two women wearing the same signature Betsey Johnson hair cut...are you joking?   After seeing some of the other BJ associates, I found my way to Katie. She just finished her interview and now Betsey was making her way into the crowd. I will say, BJ's a doll but I'm good on massi crowds like those. Buhhh.

Ice skating 117
Ice skating 119
Ice skating 120
Ice skating 122

By the way, if your interested as to why I've totally rejected the idea of Betsey Johnson and such, please read my blog post on all her damaged goods. Such a shame I tell ya. 

til then,


p.s. I'm trying to get back in the swing of the whole MTWTHFS posts but come on, it's the holidays. Give me a break ;)