Academy of science 013

Finally made it to the Academy of Science's Nightlife event with Alexia. It was just as I remembered when I was a child, hella fascinated with the "zoo exhibit". I couldn't get over how real the settings were as well as how life-like they were. Now, it was just the same except with hot ass beats from the multiple DJ's and the drinks. Unfortunately, Alexia and I missed the Planetarium & Rain forest exhibits. I didn't know we had to have tickets to get into the Planetarium portion; poor planning, I tell ya. We did make it into the Aquarium portion and I was so fascinated with all the marine life. I'm a nerd like that though; I'm easily amused..."oh what, upside-down jellyfish? How awesome!". Yeah, I know.

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Academy of science 021

Thrifted velvet blazerBCBG ruffled grey and black blouse; Alice Temperley for Target | black deep v-neckSilence & Noise black jeggings Riki lace-up wedgesDolce Vita necklaces, bracelets & rings ; misc from everywhere, seriously

I love the courtyard/garden outside of the Academy of Science. It's so gorgeous and brings back so many memories of myself and my sibs way back when. Alexia and I did a huge "shoot" out in the courtyard but she has ALLLLL the photos so those will be postponed for later. For now, enjoy the misc I took from my own...before it died. |side glance|

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don't mind this one, she's just rather slow. ;) Actually, she's exactly like me in the sense that we're hella crazy and don't really give a fuhhhh.

Went to the bay area fashion blogger meet up today! It was so awesome; so many people came out which was a lovely surprise and the rain went away so we had blue skies as we took photos in the park. After I get the other girls photos, I will be posting about it.

til then,