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yes, yes I'm fully aware that there are holes in my cardigan. ;)

I've been on this shredding rampage and obviously haven't stopped. I decided to do a cardigan because I wanted something I could wear over pieces so you could see something cool popping from underneath. I liked the goth look of all my black on black and shredding with my delicate floral tunic. I'm all about a play on opposites. Can you spy a photo of the BF and I in the background? ;)

Also, apologies to the horrific outfit post. I'm in my new apartment and it's not the best. Self-timer, darkness, no wear to shoot, all play in factors of why this post is extremely low on my ratings.

shredded DIY cardigan; Urban Outfitters (but I added the holes and shredding, obviously | floral tunic; Forever 21 | high-waisted matte look leggings; American Apparel | lace-up loafer pumps; Target | DIY'ed skull necklace; Betsey Johnson (chain) skull from Tibetan store on Haight

When I first got the idea to shred myself, I contacted the designer who started it, Raquel Allegra and she actually wrote me back. Come to find out, she was going to send me something as a thank you for being such a fan. As you can see, I was pretty stoked about it. Well, a month + has gone by and I've yet to receive something....I'd say that's a rudey... [venting, obviously].

Went to the Academy of Science, NIGHTLIFE event and it was stellar to say the least. Alexia and I took a million and one photos but I'll be posting later. Promise.

Please enjoy the randomness I'm about to showcase.

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Up close hunny

I finally got to see the Mac Dre mural...took me how long???! Yes, I'm from the bay area, so yes, I must post about his ass. And finally, the babe is coming FRIDAY<3.


whoop, whoop.

super tired though.