New home 056

That, my friends, is one of many living outside my complex. I know, awesome right?? Neggie. [negative]

I've been absence, as far as my original posts, go. I've finally got internet, thanks to my lovely upstairs neighbor. No, I'm not stealing it. We came together to form a monthly agreement, and it works out perfectly; cheaper internet, cheaper bills. With all that said, I can finally post with photos :) which I'm sure make some to most all of you happy. [stab, stab]

I've also been unable to give a shit about taking outfit photos considering there is clearly no place to take them in my new place and by the time I get home, it's way too dark and there are way too many spiders worth me taking a photo in such darkness. But there have been a couple since I've been out and about lately.

New home 001
New home 006
New home 011
New home 017

obsessed with the lighting; wish I could take all my photos like this. Lucky place, lucky time.

Vintage Drop-Waist Dress;Static on Haight | Black Tights;Target | Thrifted belt;Thrift Town | Gray Booties;Me Too | Yellow Pashmina;Riki | Jewelry; Everywhere and their mom | Kimono-sleeved sweater;Forever 21

 The rest of the photos are of my move-out. Alexia and I had a hilarious time packing up my shit and heading out of there into my wonderful new place with the BF, WHO ARRIVES FRIDAY :). Nothing is better than packing with someone who not only finds you hilarious, but you find them hilarious right back. My parents and little brother came and helped me along with Alexia to move in. Unfortunately my stove was broken so we couldn't make the amazing sausage links sandwiches my step-mom makes and Cheeseboard was closed so we opted for some random pizza place that was yummy yet definitely not Cheeseboard quality. Excuse that run-on sentence.

New home 019

these cool kids were playing cards while waiting for the delayed train...HATE when that happens but they were smart to come prepared for such occasions.

New home 022
New home 024
New home 029

some of the yummiest cookies I've ever tasted; have no clue who's they were. Alexia took them from work, right?

New home 031

Lol, I thought this was hilarious. She looks like a freaking spider or some odd creature.

New home 041
New home 043

Super frustrated that I couldn't get my computer to get unfrozen...but it could have to do with the fact that I fell off my chair, pulled down the tower of DVD's with me while also falling onto my laptop...awesome.

New home 055

good morning, meet Alexia Faye; hella cute, bright and early. Time to move and we're super attractive. You should of seen my ensemble. It wasn't much better. 

Don't forget;

SF Bay Area Fashion & Style Blogger Meetup

When: Sunday, November 22nd 2009

Time: 12PM Noon

Where: Yerba Buena Gardens at SFMOMA side

Details: Come meet up with:

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& of course myself.

see you there.